loading bay at Self Storage Zone in Washington

General Tips

  • Use the right packing boxes for the items to be packed. Our guide under Storage Supplies will assist you in picking the right box to buy from us to pack your belongings.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items. Stacking boxes is easier if you have multiple boxes of the same size.
  • Fill all of your boxes completely but not bulging or overloaded. Use newsprint or packing peanuts if you need to fill a box. A box that is not completely filled will collapse and a bulging box will not be stable.
  • Use bubble wrap, newsprint, and/or dish box inserts for breakable or fragile items such as china, glasses, etc. Wrap each item separately. You can nest cups and bowls.
  • Label all boxes on several sides and seal all boxes with packing tape.
Packing supplies at Self Storage Zone in Washington
climate controlled storage units at Self Storage Zone in Washington
Storage unit supplies at Self Storage Zone in Washington

How to Get the Most From Your Storage Space

  • If you will not need to access your items while they are stored, pack it to the rafters. If you need to access some of the items, make sure you leave a walkway to the rear of your unit. Place frequently used items near the door.
  • Always take advantage of the height of the unit (i.e. store couches on end). When stacking items, make sure heavy or more stable items are on the bottom with fragile boxes always on top.
  • Protect your goods with the right packing materials, cover mattresses with our mattress bags, cover furniture with our drop cloths, wrap mirrors and pictures with paper pads or place in special mirror boxes. Always store mirrors and artwork on its edge, not flat.
  • Use shelving to maximize space and access to items.
  • Refrigerators and freezers should be clean and dry with doors slightly ajar for storage. You can usually stack certain items inside for additional storage.
  • Use your stored furniture for storage. Put clothing or linens in dresser drawers or chests. Otherwise, store clothing and linens hanging in our special wardrobe boxes with hanging rods. Clean all items before storage so food stains will not attract pests.
  • Disassemble furniture and wrap table tops, legs, etc., in paper or dust covers. Place a drop cloth or mat on the floor prior to storing furniture. Stack furniture items with cloth or padding in between.
  • Use our lamp boxes to pack lamp bases but first, wrap in our paper pads. Pack lamp shades in separate boxes, stacking when possible.
  • Clean and then wipe with a rag containing machine oil all metal items such as tools, equipment, bikes, etc. Tie all long handled tools in a bundle for storage.
  • There are certain items that should never be stored at a self-storage facility, such as explosives, flammable liquids, toxic items, any type of fuel, anything alive or perishable. If an item requires ventilation, light or any other type of controlled environment, it should not be stored with us. Also, always drain all fuel tanks before storing cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc. Battery cables should also be disconnected.

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