loading bay at Self Storage Zone in Washington

Packing Supplies in Washington, DC

The correct packing materials and proper security items are the key to successful storage.

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You need to start with quality packing materials to ensure your valuables do not get damaged in transport. The right box in the right size, as well as protective packing materials such as bubble wrap and packing paper, make all the difference. Then, make sure you get the right lock for your personal storage unit usage. We carry everything you need for moving and storage.

Packing Supplies at Self Storage Zone in Washington
Self Storage Zone offers a variety of packing supplies on site at our location in Washington
  • Small Box - 16"x12"x12" - 1.5 cubic feet of space. Works for books, photo albums, and other small, heavy items.
  • Medium Box - 18"x18"x16" - 3.1 cubic feet of space. Use this size for small items which require packing material, such as dishes and glasses.
  • Large Box - 24"x18"x18" - 4.5 cubic feet of space. Good for larger items and valuables with packing material. Also great for linens.
  • X-Large Box - 23"x20"x24" - 6.1 cubic feet of space. Suitable for clothes, linens, and any other light but bulky stuff.
  • Dish Box - 18"x18"x28" - 5.2 cubic feet of space. Has double thick walls for additional padding for your fragile items.
  • Wardrobe Box - 24-inch bar - An extra hanging closet for clothes.
  • Mirror Box - Large and small sizes. Great for packing mirrors or artwork.
  • A Variety of Bubble Wrap - Protect fragile items from breaking.
  • Packing Noodles - .21 cubic ft. box - Perfect as a cushion when boxing up delicate objects. And protects better than standard packing peanuts and no static cling.
  • Packing Paper - 36"x24" sheets, 10 lbs. - This newsprint paper contains no ink to rub off on your fine china, clothes, and collectibles. 10 pounds of paper contains approximately 170 sheets.
  • A Large variety of packing tapes available.
  • A Large selection of high security locks available.
  • A Large selection of bubble wrap. Mattress Bags - Protect your king, queen, full or twin size mattress by enclosing it in these bags.​

Not sure how you should be packing your boxes? Refer to our handy Packing Tips page which should make your moving experience much easier.